COVID-19 Updates

Health and Safety Plan for Christian Life School


                Students in B.C. returned to in-class learning Sept. 2020. Christian Life School established the following health and safety measures to assist in keeping everyone safe. This health and safety plan was updated Feb. 2021 to reflect the new Provincial Guidelines.

Our Plan:

                Safety and Health Guidelines are designed to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and to assist in keeping everyone safe. The plan was developed around two concepts: Health Guidelines and Safety Guidelines. The Province suggested that the Guidelines for Health and Safety be focused  in four areas: Administrative Measures, Environmental Measures, Personal Measures, and Personal Protective Equipment.


Administrative Measures – Health Guidelines:

                Christian Life School adjusted a number of things within the school to facilitate Health as suggested by the Province. These changes have affected student and staff entrances, common spaces, learning groups, visitors interaction, gatherings, and extracurricular activities.

Facility Adjustments  – Classes and schedules were adjusted to facilitate physical distancing during recess, lunch, arrival, and departure. Restructuring of entrances permitted reduced student numbers in school entrances. Restructuring of class schedules reduced the amount of student interaction in the hallways.

Reduced Class sizes  – Classes were limited in size to promote less physical contact. Class locations were also adjusted to allow Cohorts to be formed and to allow Cohorts easy access to washing stations.

Physical distancing – Students and staff are encouraged to reduce close, in-person interactions. Elementary students have been organized into Cohorts and will not be required to physically distance in their Cohort learning groups. In High School, physical distancing will be encouraged by desk locations, limited class size, and staggered breaks. Students will be reminded to keep their hands to themselves.

Practicing Hand hygiene – Washing stations are available to Elementary. Sanitation stations are available to High School. Christian Life School continues to promote good hygiene.

Gatherings – Public gatherings, like Assembly, are discontinued for the present. All Extracurricular sports are also discontinued.

Cleaning of School – The school employs custodians to provide daily cleaning of the entire building including touched surfaces including a mid-day bathroom clean.

Heating and Ventilation – Christian Life School consistently services all the furnaces and seeks to provide a healthy classroom atmosphere.


Environmental Measures – Safety Guidelines:

                As a school, each day to day activity, necessitates structure and safety. Learning Groups, Cohorts, Instructional modules, and class movement must all work together. Christian Life School strives to make the school atmosphere conducive to learning, relationship, and spiritual growth.

Learning Groups – Elementary and High School have been divided into the following groups: Cohort #1 – Kindergarten – Grade One to Grade 3, Cohort #2 – Grades Four to Six, and Cohort #3 – High School Grades Seven to Twelve. The Elementary Cohorts will be under sixty students in each Cohort and the High School Cohort will be under the hundred twenty. Each learning Cohort functions with individual teachers and individual classrooms.

Leadership Instruction – Teachers returned to work on Aug. 31. Since that time the School has enjoyed no major health or safety issues. We give God thanks for this great blessing. As we move forward the administration and staff are encouraging the students and parents to pursue safety.


Personal Measures – Health checks

                Personal health is of primary importance in daily life. Everyone wants to be healthy and to enjoy the day God has entrusted to them. Being healthy and taking care of your body is essential but it is also important to remember that we impact others.

Student Health Checks – Parents and students are encouraged to check their health before coming to school. This is an individual responsibility and should be taken seriously.

Teachers and Staff Checks – Each morning teachers and staff sign in to the school having completed a self check. It is an individual responsibility to stay healthy.

Stay Home when sick – If a student, or staff member has symptoms of a cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other infectious respiratory disease, they must not enter the school. They must stay home.

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 – If someone is diagnosed with Covid-19, they should contact Public Health and work jointly with the School and Public Health regarding necessary steps for safety.


 Personal Protective Measures – Masks

                The Province has implemented masks as one of the strategies to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. It is recognized that masks do not prevent the spread of Covid -19, they simply assist in creating a barrier between individuals that may help with protection.

Wearing Masks – On Feb. 4, 2021 the Ministry of Education required High School Students and School Staff to wear masks except when “sitting or standing at their seat or workstation in a classroom or learning space, there is a barrier in place, eating or drinking”. “Elementary student mask use should be based on their personal or family/caregiver’s choice.” The Province went on to say “Students should not be required to wear a mask if they do not tolerate it (for health or behavioural reasons). Schools are encouraged to support student mask use through positive and inclusive approaches, and not punitive measures or enforcement activities that exclude students from fully participating in school or that could result in stigma. Do not require a health-care provider note(i.e. a doctor’s note) to determine if a person does not tolerate a mask.” See Coronavirus Covid-19 BC Centre for Disease Control/BC Ministry of Health page 22.


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