Fundscrip Gift Cards


Fundscrip is a program that uses gift cards rather than cash to purchase regular items like clothing, gas and groceries. Those participating companies then contribute a percentage of the gift cards purchased to the school.  It is a user-friendly, no-cost fundraising tool.

How Fundscrip works:

Christian Life School has established an account with Fundscrip (Account # R3VNN4).  When you buy a gift card and use it in a store you build credit dollars in Fundscrip that go directly towards the school. These funds are used for the  financial assistance program, purchasing equipment, and renovations etc.  Please read below to see how easy it is to use, and sign up today!

Fundscrip easy, can be set up automatically, or can be used when you know you’ll be making a large purchase that you could in term bless the school without any additional cost to you. Order cards online, and they will be shipped to your home. You can set up your own order schedule. The Christian Life School code is R3VNN4. Please enter this when signing up. Please refer to this Quick Startup Guide:

Here is the list of participating retailers:


It doesn’t cost you anything extra
You don’t have to change where you shop of what you buy
Your everyday purchases add up to make a difference very quickly
To learn more:

Shipping Information for Current and New Users:

  • CLS supporters order their gift cards online any time and have them shipped to their home address via Canada Post.
  • The cost of the shipping (an 85 cent postage stamp plus taxes) will be added to the total of the order when you check out.
  • You have the convenience of your order going directly to you!
  • There is a 4-card limit in each supporter’s order to keep the weight down and a $500 maximum value of the cards in each mailing
  • There is no schedule, so you can order multiple times in a day/week if you like. You can set up recurring orders too!
  • Orders are processed Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs at 9:30am ET, so whatever you order, the delivery will go out in the next shipment once payment has been confirmed.

There are 4 payment methods you can use with the direct shipping program:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT- no fees. Requires completed application form and void cheque sent to FundScrip to be activated)
  • Interac Online for those with accounts at the following financial institutions: RBC Royal Bank; BMO Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank and TD Toronto Dominion (earnings are reduced by 0.85 cents per transaction)
  • Credit Card (earnings are reduced by 1.99%)
  • Online Banking Bill Payment (AKA Payee) – pay for your orders as you would pay any other bill. There are no fees or deductions to earnings for using this payment. Please note that it can take at least three (3) business days for FundScrip to receive payment.
  • Place your order on the FundScrip ordering site, selecting “Online Bill Payment Service” as the payment method
  • Login to your financial institution’s online banking website
  • (First time only) Add “FundScrip” as a Payee using the 16-digit account ID provided by FundScrip during the ordering process
  • Make a payment to FundScrip in the exact amount of your balance owing

Other interesting facts:
Orders will ship directly to your home or any Canadian address. This means, your friends and relatives anywhere in Canada may wish to join the CLS group (R3VNN4). They order and receive gift cards and CLS will receive a percentage of their order as a donation.

For more information visit their website