How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for your child or children to attend CLS, please visit this page and download the forms. You can fill the forms out and bring them in to the School office. We really encourage you to come talk to our Principal Mr. Jones, and go for a tour. For more information please visit the Enrollment Process page.

How much is tuition and how is it spent?

As an independent school, we are partially funded from the provincial government to educate our students. That means we receive up to 50% of the funding public schools receive. Tuition is collected to cover the rest of the basic cost of education. Tuition covers staff salaries, curriculum costs, supplies, and bills. For our tuition schedule please click here.

Are there any other fees or costs?

Yes, there are some other fees associated with education here at CLS. Because tuition is spent on basic necessities and salaries, fees are collected to cover sports, activities, agendas, and we are collecting $25 per student for a computer fee. In the 2018-2019 school year we fundraised and purchased 32 Chromebooks for the elementary school and had 45 laptops donated by Shell Canada and the Electronic Recycling Association. As technology breaks or ages, we will need to replace our equipment, and the collection of this fee makes that more feasible.

There is also a High School fee of $300 per student, and a registration fee. For a specific list please visit this page and scroll to the bottom.

Is there a fundraising requirement?

There is no requirement for you to fundraise or donate to our school. However because tuition only covers the base necessities for our school, we are in a position of either raising tuition or fundraising for anything extra we might want or need. Throughout the year there are opportunities for you to partner with us in renovations, or purchasing of new sports or classroom equipment, and we want to encourage you to have the mindset of investing in the school, and committing to its’ improvement. For ways you can donate please talk to our bookkeeper Mrs. Krafczyk or Garry Jones the Principal.

Will my child be able to participate in school sports?

Yes! All of our extracurricular activities are run on the volunteer time of teachers and staff but they are pretty committed to making sure our grades 4-6 and 7-9 students have opportunities for school sports. In the past we have competed with a Soccer team in September, Volleyball in October/November, Basketball in December-February, Badminton in April, and Track and Field teams in June.

Are there music or drama programs?

Again, all of our extracurricular activities are run on the volunteer time of teachers and staff, so these programs are dependent on the availability and expertise of the staff or parents who are willing. Make sure you check the newsletters for opportunities for your students in these areas and if you have experience and passion in an area we aren’t covering, come talk to us!