My Christian Life School Testimonial

By Abigail Ryder  10-abby-1-of-1

           Christian Life School is an amazing school and such a blessing to have in Fort St. John!    It really is a privilege to be able to go to a school where my faith is encouraged and strengthened  on a daily basis. Because of the small number of students, mostly in high school, there is a lot  more time to learn things and really understand topics because of fewer distractions. Also because  of the small amount of students, the school has a feeling of community, which I enjoy. The teachers at the school really care about the students and what is going on in their lives and that means a lot. Christian Life School is a great school and a safe and caring place to talk and learn  about God!


Christian Life School Testimonial

                    11-jonathan-1-of-1By Jonathan Schneider

What I like about Christian Life School, is that the every teacher in the school cares about  each and all of the students not just the subject material but in the spiritual life as well.  I want to graduate in this school because some of the teacher became the people I care about.  If I did not go to Christian Life School, I honestly don’t know where I would be spiritually.  Coming to school here the teachers have inspired me and give me motivation each day.  I have had my ups and downs each day but when I was confused it was the teachers that would always come and ask me what was wrong which always gave me that inner feeling of being cared for which motivates me.  I like about our school in that we have children all ages and grades.  I like to spend my time with children, because children always look up to the older students and how they act.


Christian Life School Testimonial

                                                  By Yury Walter

img_4667         My experience at Christian Life School has been great.  I would recommend this school to any students who are considering a Christian School.  In this school you get to meet Jesus in your life, at the same time getting a life based on Christ.  We have bible classes that help you develop your relationships with Jesus.   In my opinion, I have seen a difference in my life.   My faith has become very important in my life and how much my faith has drawn me closer to Jesus.   I encourage you to listen to your heart and Jesus and make Christian Life School your choice of school.